Six Reasons to Test Drive a FIAT 124 Spider for Sale in Davenport

Safety Meets Beauty with these incredible features you can find at our Davenport FIAT dealership near Posner Park shopping center.

While many people might be afraid of actual spiders, there’s one type of spider at our Davenport FIAT dealership near Posner Park that has a lot to love. At Posner Park Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM FIAT, we have a diverse inventory of FIAT 124 Spiders on the lot.

This amazing vehicle offers a variety of options and features, but here are three reasons that make this car a must-have:

  1. The comfort. The 124 Spider has recaro seats covered in a suede. This design of seating will not only keep the driver in place due to its design, it might just be so comfortable you don’t want to get out!
  2. The price. With the incredible variety of FIAT 124 Spiders in our inventory, about 31 are listed with an asking price of less than $39,000. You can’t ask for a better deal with a sporty convertible that will turn heads wherever you go.
  3. The features. The FIAT 124 Spider gets 25 mpg and 36 highway mpg on a 11.9 gallon fuel tank. It also comes with wireless phone connectivity, 1.4 litre engine, 160 horsepower, and a 48-month, 50,000 mile warranty.


Safety Reason to Love the 124 Spider for Sale in Davenport

But the body’s exterior, incredible standard features, and affordable price are not the only reasons to love our FIAT 124 Spiders for sale in Davenport.  Here are three more reasons, focusing on keeping you and your passenger safe, that make the Spider a perfect car for safe driving in Central Florida traffic.

  1. The Blind Spot Monitoring System, which comes available in the Classica, Lusso, or Abarth models, will alert the driver to traffic in the car’s blind spot zone with an illuminated icon in the corresponding side-view mirror.
  2. Also available for all models is the Rear Cross Path Detection feature, which helps you back out of parking spaces when your side view is blocked.
  3. Another great safety feature, which comes standard in the Lusso and Abarth as well as comes available in the Classica models, is the ParkView Rear Back Up Camera. This feature displays a wide-angle view of the area behind the car (on the available FIAT Connect 7.0 touchscreen) when it is shifted into reverse.

These three and other safety features (such as the steel safety frame, which includes crumple zones designed to help absorb energy in the event of a collision and redirect it away from passengers) make this vehicle the perfect blend of safety, performance, and style on the road.

If you would like to customize a FIAT 124 Spider to your specific desires, come down to our FIAT showroom in Davenport, which is right down the road from the Posner Park Shopping Center, or call our knowledgeable and friendly Five Star sales team at 888-481-9277.