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How Do I Connect My iPhone® to Apple CarPlay®?

Tips on How to Connect an iPhone® to Apple CarPlay® 

The auto industry continues to develop more technology features that help you stay safe and connected while driving. One of the most innovative new automotive technology features is Apple CarPlay®. Apple CarPlay® gives you the ability to connect your iPhone® to your car so you can use many of its features and apps while driving. The hands-free capability of Apple CarPlay® makes using the functions of your iPhone® much safer. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use the Uconnect® system in your vehicle to connect your iPhone® to Apple CarPlay® so, you can start using all its incredible features today.  Read the rest of this entry >>

A woman conencting an iPhone® to a vehicle

New Jeep vehicles now offering the connectivity of the innovative Apple CarPlay® system

What Jeep Vehicles Offer Apple CarPlay®? 

Shopping for a new vehicle is fun and exciting. With so many new innovations in the automotive industry over the last few years, there are many new technologies that you will want in your new vehicle. Some of the most popular new technology features can help you stay connected, entertained and safe while behind the wheel. One of the most popular new technologies people want in their new vehicle is the hands-free connectivity of the Apple CarPlay® feature. When a Jeep vehicle is equipped with Apple CarPlay®, your iPhone® will be able to give you a smarter and safer way to use your phone while driving. Keep reading to learn more about what Jeep vehicles offer the innovative new Apple CarPlay® feature.   Read the rest of this entry >>