A FIAT to Marble At

Our Posner Park car dealership may not have works of art created by Nazareno Biondo, but we do have a wide selection of FIATs for you to admire and test drive.

Cars have been inspiring artists for generations, and why not? It can be argued, especially by car enthusiasts, that many of them are works of art in motion. When you come to Posner Park Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Fiat and ask to see a Fiat 500 you’ll see plenty of them, but unfortunately, you won’t get to see the one made by the Italian artist Nazareno Biondo, made solely out of marble.

Biondo, a native of Turin, Italy, crafted the life-sized car some 60 years after it first hit the market.


The Marbled FIAT: A Work of Art Inspired by a Classic Car

The artist called it his biggest piece of work so far, which is a lot coming from a graduate of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, an institute that specializes in making marble projects and one who has had more than 50 art exhibitions.

Once completed, the car won’t look like something from our FIAT showroom at Posner Park in Davenport. It will look ready for the scrapyard, the artist said in an article published by The Local.

There is little doubt why Biondo has made a model of the FIAT 500, the iconic car that it is. Still a bargain at less than $15,000, the Abarth model was named one of the “10 coolest cars under $25,000” by Kelley Blue Book. Though it is deceptively small in appearance, the interior is spacious, and its light weight makes it fun to handle on the road.

And, it’s economical. The five-speed manual transmission for the POP model has 101 hp and gets up to 38 miles per gallon.

While Biondo enjoys the success of his artwork and his rendition of the classic FIAT 500, our FIAT Showroom at 42650 Highway 27 in Davenport has a number of these beauties on site, ranging from brand new (starting at about $15,000) to 2014 models that will not only get you where you want to go, but it will also turn heads on the street when you drive by them.